Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Only in this day and age would it be questionable for air and water to cost.

Friday, July 30, 2010

hwwaaAT a day..

hoi what a journey!

had quite an interesting day at Santa Monica, but pictures speak better than my rambling. (but my rambling is quite the nosey.. so it'll sneak in anyway. quite the rude one).
(pic: arresting the cutie. take a bite out of crime? naw. take a bite outta his cute lil butt)
so roommates and I were studying at CoffeeBean in Westwood outside on the front patio when suddenly a coffeebeaner (haha-- worker at cb) exPLODES out of the doors and bolts down the street and then suddenly a man runs after him and we hear something like "THAT GUY JUST TOOK MY LAPTO--...::voice fades away::". straight up, 15 ft. away from us, as we were obliviously doing our own thing, studying and blogging alll cute and happy, a bicyclist passing by swoops some guys laptop as the guy walked to the TRASH CAN to throw something away. (probably thought "damn! knew I shoulda just thrown that straw wrapper on the ground.."). long story short, I called the police, the biker tripped and fell so they caught him, arrested the guy. such a shame. twas pretty cute too. 

Went to Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade. Came up to this Adopt-a-Cat stand and the kittens rushed so desperately to me. I'm pretty sure one whispered to me, "save me from this hell hole..!!". I was like, "cALM yo kitty butt down. you shut dat mouf. you a cat". but for real, they was cUUUTE. lol. the flier for their kitty pound had a picture of a kitten with photoshopped angel wings. ......... perfect gift for me: KITTEN. then my roommates can't blame me for getting one :] (or a giftcard to Zara..)

naaaw, not really. but his name is Joseph. they were playing praise songs to raise money to send him to India for missions! he was so good. he looked like a really cool nerd. HAhaha. when he got really into it his mouth did this little thing where it would make this really tense shape as if you were saying "ewWW!!??!". 

so right next to no-finger-Joe, there was this huuuge crowd around this black dance crew-- my bad, krew*, and as I was watching them I felt like they were so familiar, like their dancing style. Then this one song came on and one of they guys started dancing this one piece and I was like "OOmmmg I knew I knew theM!!". Once a couple friends and I went to UCLA dorms to session and practice but there was already this black dance crew practicing there, so we watched and later just sessioned with them and made friends. they were pretty sick. tis the first time anyone's ever whispered so aggressively in my ear "girll. doin all these sexual moves turn a nigga OWNnnnnne.." (....I was bending over bouncing my head as I searched through the ipod for a song..). anyway, I was supposed to join their crew as their token girl, but I decided to coord for ACA Hip Hop instead. 

saw this and thought of my mom. she would always tell me stories of how we were so sadly poor when she was single mom with 4 dirty children, but she was always able to do herself up and dress nice so people treated her well because she looked rich
mom's signature story: she was driving us home (I was about 2 years old, oldest was about 7) late at night and we all started saying "mooommy I'm hungryy..". so she pulled into the next 7/11 and pulled together all the money she could find (omg my heart feels heavy already and the waterworks are comin) which amounted to about 70 cents. She went in as we waited in the car and picked a small bag of chips. Because she was well-done up, the cashier assumed she was a well-off woman who simply didn't have cash on her, so he smilingly gave it to her for the her change. She came back and we all scarfed down the chips as she sadly watched. We finished the bag, only to turn to her again crying "mommmyy we're thirstyy". Looking away from her 4 hungry and thirsty babies she burst out in tears and just sat there helplessly. she says that was one of the hardest moments in her life. Gaahh.. props to super mom who raised four children by herself for 3 years.
so she always tells me: always dress well and look good, because people will give you benefit of the doubt (but of course in her grammatically fobbed english). 

Once I saw this bear of a dog at Venice beach and almost wanted to wrestle it.

My friend Joe (not the fingerless one) was waiting for me outside the bathroom at santa monica beach and was gonna ask this guitarist about music, but this guy just out of nowhere went off about Bruce Lee (probably because we're ching chong wah). doing all these kicks and hopping around with his fists up. thought we was gonna get knocked out.. HAHaha his sound effects were the bestt. ::something something "better than the wigglydigglygiggly!!", me: "the whUH??", him: "y'all donno da wigglydigglygiggly!??". I don't know WHAT the heck he was talking about, but got me crackinggg uUPP. 

I've never seen these at Santa Monica Beach!? they're like hUUGE swing/monky bars. all these buff gymnist guys with gloves on them were swinging around like crazy ass monkeys swinging aLL out of control. pfft.. I could do that. (no really, I can. in elementary school i was always like skipping barrrss, spinning as I went through themmm, swung from my toesss.. twas the shiaaat..)

jk. we didn't go, but there's this huUUGE crowd on the beach and on the pier with blasting music. they wouldn't let us up to the pier through that way and Joe asked what was going on and the African American (bein awll polits correck n errthang) security guard (like 60 yrs. old) answered all grumpily:
joe: "so what event is going on tonight?"
lady: "HHHUH???"
joe: "what event is this?"
lady: "I dunnooo, Indian music"
lolllll. she was genuinely unhappy.

he was just cHOPPin away at the air swingin that thang around like he knew what he was doing. he probably felt as epic as this picture looks.

holy mother have you been to the edge of the pier at night? summer my ass..sKK me no more questionss, I'll tell you no more lies! miss suzy and her boyfriend, are kissing in the D-A-R-K, D-A-R-K, dark, dark, dark! (kay I don't remember the song)

where we metttt....

(in a french accent..)
as we sat on that bench, this musician asked us to watch his stuff so he could go grab some coffee, but that we probably wouldn't really need to since his dog would. cutest little shih-tzu mix. we went up to play with it, when out of nowhere we hear the dog speaking in a high-pitched, French accent and introduced himself as Jonat(h)an. Hahaa. standing nearby were these two film-makers (director and producer). Really nice guys, the French director was hilarious speaking for the dog in a cartoony accent and having a conversation with himself. 
"Jonatan, aren't youe coewld?"
"oh noh! I em warm buat my ass eez freezing!" 
::I reach in to pet him::
"don't poot youer hahnds own me!" 

for about 5 minutes. 
we walked and talked with the guys for a while and exchanged contact info. He was talking to me so passionately about film-making and the a.d.d. in me was on the verge of splurrrrging out to point out how insanely cute this baby walking past was, but I tried to act normal and polite so I bit my tongue, but then he just mid-sentense yelled "OOhh my!! I have found my baby!! Thees ees my baby! where have youe beeen!!? high five!". the baby just stood there and stared blankly at him as she munched on her popcorn. hahha.

today was the most walking I've ever done in my life. that exercise'll last me a good month and a half. interesting day. e-props....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Baby pig think you are smelly"

my mom just texted me this picture (yes at 2am) and this was our text conversation:
MOM: “shell we get one of this”
ME: “YES!!”
MOM: “at your apartment”
ME: “Haahaha how could I keept it at my apt”
       “But I’ll ask my roommates..”
MOM: “Okay. Then it will be your graduation gift until you have a good boyfriend”
ME: “Haahaha. But can we keep it at our house?”
MOM: “May be. I will think about very hard. Lol”
ME: Haahaha. I waaaant!! How much?”
MOM: “You have to share your bed ha ha ha ha. Baby pig think you are smelly.”
ME: “HAhahahahahhaa mom why are you awake right now”
MOM: “Uh. Okay you win”
ME: “Mom you’re weird”
MOM: “I do not know yet. He he he”
teaching my mom how to text has been the funniest and most confusing part of college. Picture messing got even funnier.
sidenote: once I texted my mom “lol” and then texted her again asking if she knew the term “lol”. she replied “Chh….. yaa”
..i hope i get the piglet :]

GAH I want..

just a bit too big and a bit more too expensive.. ::siiiighhh::
i <3 shoes.. what a girl. :\

getting started

blogs are so confusing now days..
can't we all just go back to xanga? where everyone had one and everyone knew how to use one?..